Hi everyone! My name is Lexie Bicknell, founder of Sweat With Lex. 

I've been passionate about health and fitness for most of my life. Growing up in Jamaica, I learned the values of living an active lifestyle. Whether it was playing sports or being outdoors, I was always encouraged to keep moving. Over the years through my fitness journey, I realized that Pilates was the only type of workout I truly looked forward to, and this is when I decided to turn my passion into something professional. The opportunity to help others through movement was, and continues to be, my most fulfilling experience. 

My time spent as both a Pilates student and teacher has taught me how powerful and effective the practice of Pilates can be. I love the idea of taking your time and focusing on your technique to create and sustain long-lasting changes throughout your body and mind. The benefits of the Pilates movement are both functional and rewarding - you'll feel stronger, longer, leaner and happier after every class!

For mental de-stress or for physical reward, I can't wait to show you how my Sweat With Lex classes will help you. I hope to see you all on the mat!

Xoxo Lexie

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